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We are very grateful for everyone who has participated in Sophie's Transformation in the Time of Coronavirus master class thus far. 

Registration for this course is now closed. 
Existing participants will be able to access these materials until August 2023. 

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Learn how the coronavirus crisis can lead us to experience the greatest connection we have ever known

Sophie Sabbage, renowned authority on overcoming fear of illness, and the More To Life Foundation, a global educational charity dedicated to transforming the quality of people’s lives, have joined forces to offer a transformational masterclass where you can discover skills such as:

  • How to recognize and dismantle your fears with tried and tested tools; 
  • How to be alone without being lonely and connect deeply when physically separated;
  • How to feel grief in a healthy way in the face of significant loss;
  • How to experience deep connection with yourself, others, and life.

This class will also invite you to consider what the coronavirus is challenging in ourselves, our relationships, and society. You can also access a community of people who are participating in the masterclass and practicing the tools together, along with support from expert practitioners.

Watch Intro Video

Welcome video

Sophie Sabbage is the author of two Sunday Times bestsellers: "The Cancer Whisperer", translated into twelve languages, and "Lifeshocks", 2018 winner of the international Nautilus Gold Award for personal growth books.

She is also a ‘terminal’ lung cancer patient (which puts her in the highest risk category for coronavirus) since 2014 and a high-profile patient activist who has supported thousands of patients to overcome their fear of disease while gathering evidence of the impact that fear has on wellness and medical outcomes.

Sophie is a transformation alchemist who has been equipping people to engage powerfully with challenging lifeshocks for nearly thirty years, both as a business consultant and as a Senior Trainer with the More To Life Foundation.

Course roadmap

This masterclass consists of ten chapters and is designed for you to do at your own pace. Students can begin the course at any time.

Chapter 1-5: Core Course Material

  1. Lifeshocks – and how to engage with them

  2. Fear – and how to pass through it

  3. Loneliness – and how to stay connected

  4. Connection – and how to deepen it

  5. Grief – and how to bear it

  6. Creativity - and how to tap it

Tutorial videos, facilitated process sessions, facilitated webinars, meditations, worksheets, inspirational quotes, transformational tools.

Chapters 7-10: Exploratory Material

  1. Disease and Dis-ease

  2. Lockdown Parenting

  3. The Call to Transform

  4. Living a Connected Life

Insightful video talks, meditations, inspirational quotes, practice sessions.

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