We all get the same 365 days a year. 

The difference is what we do with them! The Power of Purpose is one of the most innovative personal effectiveness programs ever developed. Unlike conventional goal-setting or time-management courses, it offers a unique experiential learning process that allows us to grasp the purposes underlying our ability to get things done. 

Together we: 

  • Expose and let go of the often-unconscious attitudes and behaviours that may be holding us back. 
  • Find out what is actually happening inside when we set out to achieve our goals, and expose the hidden agendas that stop us. 
  • Define and express our deepest life purposes, and bring these to bear on everyday tasks. 
  • Learn to use purpose instead of pressure to motivate ourselves. 
  • Discover how to overturn the procrastination habit so we can stay focused. 
  • Explore and clarify key priorities and understand how to progress toward them. 
  • Grasp what lies behind our power to create, envision, and achieve results. 

This course is a CPD-accredited course (Continuing Professional Development), and can count towards your ongoing credits.

People On Purpose

People on purpose are aware of inner motives and resistances. They apply that awareness flexibly when confronted with new situations.

  • Be More Focused

    People on purpose focus on specific, concrete results. They connect these results with a vision that empowers them to maintain focus over time.

  • Be Motivated

    People on purpose enjoy what they do. Their work is a source of satisfaction, and as a result they manifest a powerful determination that nourishes their lives, and inspires everyone they meet.

  • Be More Creative

    People on purpose turn problems into opportunities. They do not get caught up in anxiety and stress, but generate creative answers in response to the actual conditions life throws at them.

Be More!

The Power of Purpose shows you how results are actually created and gives you the power to get on purpose, and stay on purpose, every day of your life. 

More To Life Licensed Facilitators teach this course. The More To Life Foundation's trainer body instructed and qualified them to lead small-format, topic-based courses. The Foundation grants each facilitator a license to teach courses privately, through colleges, schools, governmental agencies, and in partnership with non-profit organisations around the world.


Senior Trainer, More To Life

Vijay Reddy

Vijay Reddy is a Senior Trainer and has been involved in More To Life course work since she took her training in 1994. She has served as South Africa Centre Support, as a Kairos Foundation South Africa Board member, and is currently the MTL Interim Country Program Director for South Africa. Vijay co-trained the first Power of Self-Esteem and Power of Purpose mentor courses in Kuwait with Arab men and women. She did the same in Brooklyn, New York, with Lubavitch men and women. She is a More To Life Coach and has clients based in various countries. As an analyst-developer, Vijay had exposure to many different work contexts —all of which added to her capacity as an international coach and facilitator.

Trainer Candidate, Senior Mastery Facilitator, Mentor, and Coach

Beth McAlpine

Beth worked in the Learning and Development environment for the last 20 years in both corporate and non-governmental sectors. She took her More To Life Weekend training in 1994 and since then her involvement with the organisation has been deep and intentional. She now teaches The Power of Self Esteem, The Power of Purpose, and The Power of Connection courses as well as being a Mastery Facilitator and Coach. Beth currently serves on the More To Life Board and is also the Steering Committee Chair for Johannesburg, South Africa.


The course is offered to residents of South Africa for $US 175 (approximately R2,950). For international students, the price is $US 250, with rough equivalents shown in the table below. Students who are retaking Power of Purpose may pay a rate of $US 30 (R500).

International Equivalents

$ (AU) 380
$ (CA) 350
$ (NZ)